Re-creating Food Stories

Re-creating Food Stories

Re-creating Food Stories

I’ve been doing some soul-searching over the past month or so on what’s been holding me back from writing more often in this blog. There are a number of different factors but a big one, I’ve decided, is that I don’t think words alone can communicate the experience I have of food. Words cannot explain the complex flavours that are delivered through a slow-cooked spiced lamb, the joy I get from creating a dish that was in my head, the love I put into the meals I make or the feeling of sitting down to share a plate with someone I love. I can and will continue to do my best to try to express what I need to with writing but in the meantime, I am working to figure out what else I can add to translate The Bondi Pantry into this blog.

Photography is an obvious and first option. Will images + words recreate the story I’m trying to tell? Better than just words alone, that’s for sure! So I’ve put an order through for a few more books to add to my ever expanding collection: Food Styling (The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera) and Modernist Cuisine At Home. They’ve not yet arrived but the aim is to start to think about not just how I photograph my creations but more importantly, how I communicate the experience, emotions, joy, taste, etc of every dish.

First up – the basics. The right camera, the right light, the best way to arrange food on the best type of plate. Stay tuned!

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