Recovery Food : Kale Soup Recipe

Recovery Food : Kale Soup Recipe

The Bondi Pantry : Rosemary, Kale & Cannellini Bean Soup

Generally Sunday dinner for us is a meat-centric roast meal of some kind. Yesterday however, hubby returned from his epic annual boys trip to Terrigal – T7. T meaning Terrigal, 7 meaning the number of years the same group of boys… although I really should call them men… have been going. Seven years on, you can imagine there have been some changes. Most are married (or engaged to be), about a third have children and all are no longer the spring chickens they once were (sorry boys). This hasn’t affected the actual weekend itself as far as I’ve been told – but the result is the return home of a tired, worn out, and worse for wear hubby.

My Sunday-night mission was to feed him a meal full of nutrients and sustenance under the guise of ‘comfort food’.  Unusually, I was limited by the ingredients in my generally abundantly-stocked fridge. So I decided on two Italian-style courses: a soup and a pasta. The soup was Rosemary, Kale & Cannellini Bean with a splash of chilli oil, a sprinkling of pine nuts and some parmesan crisps on the side. I picked the rosemary fresh from the garden – I figure surely something grown by me adds even more goodness right? You can view the recipe for the soup here and for the parmesan crisps here.

The pasta was gluten-free spaghetti so I could indulge as well and was served with freshly made pesto and chicken. I must have visited the Bondi Farmers Markets later than usual on Saturday because the basil was slim pickings. As I plucked the leaves from the stems for the pesto, I realised I was going to have add something else to make it go the distance so I introduced some mint – also grown by me in my little Bondi garden. More goodness right? I always use a variation on Mum’s pesto recipe which you can find here but if you want what I made last night, you’ll need to exchange some of the basil for mint. It will add a freshness and a sweetness that is just perfect on a hot day.

IMG_20131124_140709 The Bondi Pantry : Fresh Rosemary The Bondi Pantry : Rosemary, Kale & Cannellini Bean Soup The Bondi Pantry : Basil & Mint Pesto

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