Ginger and Shallot Sauce

Ginger and Shallot Sauce

Ginger and Shallot Sauce

Here’s the thing. I love this condiment so much that I sometimes find myself thinking up things I can cook to go with it, just so I can eat it. It is amazing how much of a flavour hit there is in something with so few ingredients! IMO this sauce deserves a blog entry all to itself – it should be treated as a main event, not as a mere accompaniment to hainan chicken or similar.

Yesterday while working from home, I craved my favourite sauce so I dug into my freezer and found these almost but not quite equally delicious gluten-free Golden Pig Co potstickers from the Bondi Farmers Markets. Yes, I determined, the mixture of pork and beef dumplings would be a match-made-in-heaven with my ginger and shallot sauce.

Here’s how I made the sauce: I grabbed some ginger and grated 1-2 tablespoons (depends on how gingery you like things!). Then a bunch of shallots (spring onions). You can chop as many as you like, I’d recommend at least 8 stems. I think I did about 3/4 of a bunch in the end. I roughly chopped the whites and most of the green stalks. And then minced 1 garlic clove. I popped them all in a stick blender and well… blended! ┬áNext I heated a few tablespoons of refined coconut oil on the stove until sizzling and then pour over the mixture, stir and allow to cool. The hot oil cooks away some of the heat and softens the sauce a bit. Finally I seasoned with pepper and salt and hey presto – lunch is ready to serve! The whole thing took me less than 20 minutes.

I’ve popped the full recipe up here on Tastebook.

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