Coke has more sugar than Mayonnaise?

Coke has more sugar than Mayonnaise?

Coke has more sugar than Mayonnaise?

My blogging has been a bit light on in recent months – with work as mental as it is, it takes a lot to get me here to write! But I read something today shared by a friend on Facebook that’s impassioned me enough to login and get talking.

First, a caveat. I would not classify myself as a consistently healthy eater – I like my junk food and fast food when the occasion merits it (hangover, long day at work, late night, and so on!). But I eat what I eat with my eyes wide open.

David Gillespie is the author of Raisin Hell, the blog I read earlier today, prompting this post. David is an ex-Corporate Lawyer & IT consultant who decided to investigate why he was overweight. What he discovered is not new news to me but it is unfortunately to a lot of people. David, you probably won’t read this but props to you for passion and commitment to exposing the contradictions & inaccuracies in food regulations to Australians.

So here’s a riddle for you. How do you make a product made out of olive oil and egg yolk fat-free? It would appear that Goodman Fielder has solve this one with their Praise 99% Fat Free Mayonnaise – now with three times as much sugar as well as a host more other baddies than the most devil of all junk food – Coke. That’s right – Praise 99% Fat Free Mayo has 27% sugar and Coca-Cola has a measly 11% in comparison.

The bit that bugs me the most is how a product that is literally 97% sugar and water is considered healthy enough to get the National Heart Foundation tick of approval. I looked NHF up just to make sure, and there it was in black and white: “The Heart Foundation Tick is designed to make healthier eating easier. The tick means you don’t have to be a nutrition expert to eat more healthily – just look out for the Tick when shopping, and keep making healthier choices part of your life.”

When I eat junk it’s a conscious decision – I know the impact it is having on my health when I do so. It’s sad that there are millions of mums and dads out there cooking what they believe to be ‘healthy’ meals for their kids filled with sugar, preservatives and other nasties. And loads of others who are putting on weight every day even though they are dieting and eating ‘fat free’ and can’t understand why! While convenience is generally the reason for buying something pre-made or processed, the reality is that it’s really only by cooking things completely from scratch that you can be truly healthy!

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