An anniversary at Icebergs

An anniversary at Icebergs

An anniversary at Icebergs

Monday was our cotton anniversary. Although, I didn’t know that until my husband gave me a Tiffany’s bracelet wrapped in Kleenex Cottonelle & Cotton wool! There is a connection there with Kleenex beyond the ‘cotton’ thing that I won’t go into now. Thanks to work commitments, we couldn’t celebrate 2 years of wedded bliss on our actual anniversary but more than made up for it with a decadent lunch on Saturday at Bondi’s iconic Icebergs.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day for it (or a more perfect table for that matter). Seated right next to the window we had a view of an almost entirely deserted beach thanks to some light wind and rain. Because here’s the thing – you could be having the most unbelievable meal at Icebergs and still get jealous of the people sunning themselves on the beach!

I’m glad Colby made a lunchtime booking instead of dinner. Aside from being able actually ‘see’ the view, it all felt a tiny bit naughty but extra fun to be getting tipsy in the middle of the day – and to know that we had the whole of the night to continue the fun! We ordered a very pretty bottle of Vinea Marson Rose from Heathcote, Victoria that was the perfect accompaniment to our food. So much so that we felt it only right we ordered a second!

For the entree, I chose the buffalo mozzarella with tomatoes and a salsa verde. For a dish centred around cheese, they were a bit light on the mozzarella but more than compensated for it with the variety of seriously ripe and sugary sweet tomatoes. Colby had the spaghetti Amalfitani, a vegetarian dish with a creamy (although not literally I think?) sauce of zucchini and lemon. For mains we had identical orders – a roasted half chicken (yes, HALF) with pumpkin, pancetta and  romaine lettuce with a side of Iceberg’s famous peas. Except disappointingly (and only a little bit so as we were a touch tipsy by this point), they weren’t the same peas I remember having there on other visits. You know the ones with ricotta and mint? Anyway, by the time I realised it was time for dessert. I had the cannoli siciliani (ricotta, honey, chocolate… and I seem to remember some kind of candied orange although the menu doesn’t say that). Colby had the crostata – an absolutely gorgeous looking vanilla mascarpone tart with raspberries steeped in grappa and chocolate pearls. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture!

The description of the food speaks for itself. As does the view in the picture. But what really made the day was the celebration of our mutual love and adoration for each other. Awww… sappy I know. But it’s the truth!

Bondi Icebergs Ciroc  Bondi Icebergs Bondi Icebergs Roast Chicken Bondi Icebergs Cannoli

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