How the French get their love for food

How the French get their love for food

How the French get their love for food

Exciting news! I received my very first comment not too long ago from a lovely blogger named Jennifer. Jennifer is a French teacher (American I think?) who writes about her love of all things francais and her dreams to move her family to France one day.

Embedded in Jennifer’s blog was a video about French school lunches that captivated me. The French as you would know take their food very seriously. Which is why they make sure that their young generations of school kids wine & dine (ok so maybe not the wine bit!) on all things gourmand. Every child is expected to partake in a 5 course meal each day while at school made from fresh, nutritious & very French ingredients. The menu is then shared with the parents so they know what their children ate and can ensure their evening meal is prepared accordingly. Brilliant concept huh?

Imagine what the little ones would learn! Table manners, how to dine with people, engage in polite conversation, how to eat everything that is served to them, the importance of variety in their diet & what a pleasure food really is.

Watch & enjoy.


One thought on “How the French get their love for food

  1. Jennifer

    How exciting! Thanks so much for mentioning me (and my blog!). I also find this video to be so inspiring. It’s really an insult to kids taste buds to feed them chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese from a box. They are also capable of enjoying good food and good conversation. By the way, I love your blog!

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